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An Overview of UK Global Mobility Visas​

The UK Global Business Mobility visas are a group of sponsored work visas that opened to new applicants in April 2022.

The scheme is a collection of five separate visas that are aimed at overseas businesses who wish to fulfil certain specific business roles in the UK.

These include carrying out contract work for UK companies, transferring staff to the UK, or setting up a new UK-based branch of an existing overseas business.

Unfortunately, this route does NOT lead to settlement in the UK, and you can only apply to extend your visa under the Intra-company Transfer visa route.

If you have questions about the visas available or are a business that would like to bring staff to the UK but need a visa consultancy, get in touch with our experts. They’re more than happy to answer any of your questions and provide you full support with all of your visa requirements.

What Are The Global Business Mobility Visas?​

The are several different visas that fall under this category.

All of these visas have individual eligibility requirements that must be met in order to apply. However, there are also numerous commonalities between these visas, such as similar financial requirements for applicants and their dependents.

All of these visas also require applicants to have a valid certificate of sponsorship from an authorised sponsor when applying.


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Types of Visas Under Global Business Mobility

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