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Applying For a Partner/Spouse Visa​

The partner/spouse visa, commonly referred to as the UK Spouse Visa, allows non-UK nationals to join their partner in the United Kingdom. To apply for this Visa, your partner must either be a British National or present and settled in the UK. If you are applying for a Spouse Visa to the UK but need support,  our team of experienced immigration solicitors can help.

If you would like a quick eligibility check, please answer the 10 questions in our very simple eligibility form, along with your contact details, on the Home Page. One of our immigration experts will get in contact within 48 hours if further discussion is necessary.

We have been successfully reuniting thousands of couples for settlement in the UK, and we are proud to announce that this is our most decorated area of immigration law.

Spouse/Partner Visa Criteria ​

To apply for the UK Partner visa, or Marriage visa to enter the UK, you must be in a genuine and subsisting relationship with a person who is: 

  • a British or Irish citizen, or
  • a person settled in the UK, this includes them having indefinite leave to remain, a settled status or proof of permanent residence, or
  • from the EU, Switzerland, Norway, Iceland or Liechtenstein and has pre-settled status, or
  • a UK refugee status or under humanitarian protection in the UK

You also need to prove your:

  • have sufficient knowledge of the English Language by either passing the correct English Language Exam or have completed a Bachelor’s degree taught solely in English
  • meet the financial requirement threshold and can financially support the expenses of your stay in the UK

If you satisfy the above, we provide guaranteed success. The applicant will receive an initial visa for 33 months to enter and live in the UK. With this visa, the applicant may work in the UK, and enjoy the freedom to remain or travel outside of the UK with (or to visit) loved ones.

Our UKVS lawyers provide additional advice after the visa has been decided, at no extra cost. They will also continue to assist you, throughout the lifetime of your visa, on the processes, fees and criteria for your extension application, at the end of this initial period and for settlement in the UK.

We aim to ensure that you and your partner reside together in the UK indefinitely thus we work effortlessly to ensure that you understand the process from the very start. To learn more please contact us on 0161 843 9000, or complete our contact form and we will get in touch with you at a time that is convenient for you.


Need Support With Your Visa?

How We Can Help With Your Partner/Spouse Visa

UK Visa Specialists can help guide you through the application process to obtaining a partner/spouse visa and support you with your immigration. 

Advice on eligibility for a partner/spouse visas

We know it can be extremely difficult to get your head around which Visa you need. Our experts are on hand to take that stress away and help you identify which type of visa a relative is eligible for. Having an expert by your side can give you a much better chance of having your application accepted the first time without unnecessary delays or stress.

Our immigration lawyers are happy to discuss your situation with you and advise on the best visa route for your loved ones. We can then help with every stage of the application, boosting your chances of success and helping you reach the desired outcome.

Supporting you to complete your application

The application process for partner/spouse and family visas can be complicated and confusing, so it pays to have guidance from a specialist when filling out the relevant forms and deciding what supporting evidence you need to include.

Our visa specialists work with partner/spouse visa applications frequently and are well-versed in the intricacies of the visa application. This helps us to quickly identify what information you need to include and the potential pitfalls that could hold up your application or see it refused.

We provide a personal service to support you on everything you need to do to give your application the best chance of success.

Spouse and family visa refusals, judicial reviews and appeals

If you have been refused a spouse or family visa and are unsure as to where you went wrong, please get in touch with us. 

We have listed the steps you should take if you are refused below: 

  • Make a new spouse or family visa application – this application will need to address any issues that were highlighted in your refused application. 
  • Judicial Review – if you feel the decision was unjust, you can challenge the lawfulness of the decision, however, this can be a costly method. 
  • Family or spouse visa appeal – if you have the right of appeal, you may be able to appeal to the immigration tribunal to have your visa application reconsidered and you will be able to submit more evidence through this method. 

If you would like support with your partner/spouse visa, please get in touch with the team at UK Visa Specialists. We help thousands of people with their visa applications every year and can give you the best chance of having your application accepted and visa granted. 

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