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The UK Work Visa and Sponsorship Certificate

In recent years, improvements have been made to the UK immigration system. As a result, the skilled worker and intra-company visas took the place of the Tier 2 visa as of December 1, 2020. But it stipulates that a certificate of sponsorship (COS) is required in order to obtain this new visa. This self-certifying identification document was given to a work visa candidate who had a job offer in the UK. Although it has a unique identifying number, it is more of an electronic record. Your employer and the circumstances of your employment, as well as the employee’s compliance with the Visa application, are confirmed to the home office by the sponsor during the issuing of the CoS.

As a result, your employer must submit a request to the home office, which, if approved, enables them to electronically deliver the Certificate of Sponsorship to you via their management portal. You must agree with the employer on the start date and end time of the task. However, the COS often spans three to five years. The visa application must be submitted with the COS number that your company will give you. Despite everything being electronic, you can print the information on this certificate.

But there are two different kinds of sponsorship certificates—the defined and the undefined—which will be covered after the application procedure below.

Following the issuance of the Sponsorship license, an application for a UK visa is submitted.

After receiving the COS from your company, you have three months to complete your visa application before the certification expires. By changing a sponsoring note in their sponsor’s management systems, your firm can modify the CoS timeframes. Following the issuance of the certificate, you have three months to submit your application for a UK visa.

Certificates of UK Sponsorship: Types

The defined and undefined certificates came into being as a result of the modifications in 2020. Definition of a sponsorship certificate Foreign candidates for skilled worker visas are given specific certificates of sponsorship. Your linked employer will then need to submit an application via the Sponsor Management System. However, it is if they have a sponsor licence. When accepted, the specified sponsorship certificates will appear in the employee’s SMS profile where the employer can give them to them.

An unspecified sponsorship certificate

Candidates for the Employing Skilled Worker visa who are presently residing in England and those with other visas require an undefined CoS. One must make an educated guess as to how many undefined certificates they will need in the first year when applying for a sponsor licence. Such applicants can SMS for further certificates if their 12-month allocation runs out.

What if you have a UK Certificate of Sponsorship but want to work somewhere else in the nation?

Should this be the case, you must take the following action:

Make sure your new employer will support you so you can apply for a new visa even though you are still using the old one. 

Send a letter or email to your company requesting the cancellation of your active certificate. Remember that you won’t be able to obtain a fresh certification if the first one is compromised. 

Your active certificate will be revoked by the sponsoring within a week of accepting this request. If your company disobeys, you must issue a warning, and they will have an additional week to revoke the sponsorship certificate.

You must request termination from the British Visas and Immigration Sponsorship and Licence Department if the present certificate of sponsorship has not already been terminated.

If your initial certificate is revoked, you can ask your prospective employers to issue you a new one.


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